- ORDERnSHIP gets the order or shipping requested from you to be shipped and delivered to Vietnam.

 - ORDERnSHIP provides you quotation for our service fees as final cost of product to be delivered at your door.

 - ORDERnSHIP also can help you to Shop, Order, Payment Online, and Deliver it to your door in Vietnam

-  ORDERnSHIP will provide you our shipping address in USA when you order your own.

NEXT is go to Step 2 for shipment tracking and Step 3 for Door to Door Delivery Scheduling


Please Note:

 - All ordered products required to be shipped to our agent in USA as provided.

 - Your Order & Tracking Number will need to provide to us by telephone or email as preferred 

 - In-Stock Products also available for Sales if it shown on our website under Menu tab "In-Stock Items"